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Nonprofit funding using trial and error is ANYTHING but productive. T.C.O.R. wants to eliminate waste of time, resources and frustration so we are providing FUNDING LISTS that are pre-categorized on three levels: 1. Nonprofit Industry Only (Arts, Education, Housing ...); 2. Geographic areas served [+ Industry]; and 3. Funding Availability (open funding periods) [+ Geographic & Industry]. Get up to 25 agencies (minimum 10) at a time to ease the process of finding agencies that fit your need. Pay once, use as many times as you need - delivered directly to your email. Guaranteed*
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3. OpenFunding (ALL) $250
2. Geographic (1,2) $200
1. NPO Industry (1) $150
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1. To Register you as a Client .. Identity & Contact ..... Performance of  Contract
2. To Process & Deliver your   * Identity & Contact .... Performance of  Contract
payment, fees, charges b)       * Financial, Marketing   *Necessary for legitimate
collect or recover money         * Transaction                 * interest to recover debt
owed to us                                 * Communication
3. Manage relationships .....  * Identity & Contact ...   * Performance of contract
which include: notify you      * Financial, Marketing   * Necessary for any legal
of changes of terms or          * Transaction                     obligations
privacy policy; or asking        * Communication          * Necessary legitimate 
you to review or take                                                         interest to update records
survey.                                                                                 * Study Client use of our                     
                                                                                               services / products
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