Innovative Programming That “Just Makes Sense"

    People are the bottom line for T.C.O.R. Corporation, so we leverage our corporate power and team up with other nonprofits and engage in operations to facilitate our program needs. We believe that nonprofits are there to help - but should be self-sustaining. This means that donations may be enhanced by leveraging opportunities to reach our goals as Social Entrepreneurs.


    (3S) Develops Programs that Empower People

    Projects that are developed for the sole purpose of helping human beings to enhance their lives through constructive growth. Whether its achieving educational goals, empowering victims of domestic abuse, or issues impacting women or children - TCOR Corporation designs programs that can help people to strategically better their lives through goal achievement.


    * Bible College (Gender Equality)

    * Career & Technical (Upcoming)

    Knowledge is power and the transfer of this knowledge is life changing. T.C.O.R. Corporation develops projects that give a voice to those who face barriers to entry. 21st Century issues require 21st Century answers and T.C.O.R. Corporation uses this platform to create projects that change lives while promoting a global community.





    CLR: Transitional Living for Consumer Independence

    CLR creates residential living for mentally ill adults that function at high levels and have demonstrated progress with ‘Wrap-Around’ services. We work in partner-ship with local, state and federal programs that deliver services to Consumer’s and add additional value by providing housing that uses innovation to increase personal growth for its Residents.

    Have An Idea for Collaboration ... Partners Are Welcome!

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    Self Sustaining Activities Help Us Grow & Serve

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