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    Nonprofit operation can be really tricky. You are expected to start, fund and do good simultaneously - starting with no cash. Assistance looks like a list of what to do, but not how to do - so you use the counterproductive method of trial and error. IS THERE ANOTHER WAY? This is mission of T.C.O.R. Consulting Corporation: to utilize agile business methods to expedite success. On-Demand educational products, technology driven educational components and access to FUNDING LISTS that have been categorized in various levels of funding readiness. This means you find sources to fund your projects based on geographical location, communities served, open-funding periods, and funding needs. This saves time, money and frustration!

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    Digital Content Training Is A Framework Whose Time Has Come. As the complexities of life continue to mount, the cost-effective “do it your way - on your schedule” method of Digital Content Training is perfect in every way. Not only do you get the information you need, but have access without wasting resources, transportation, external material fees or taking precious time away from loved ones and necessary projects. Now in the comfort of your home or office you simply need to click [PLAY >] to increase your capacity and broaden your influence and market position. No being hoarded into a room and taught with a group that negates the “Opportunity Costs” that you are missing. You don’t even have to schedule time to be online for a virtual classroom - because Digital Content Training puts you and your schedule as THE priority. Purchase your package today and see the difference it makes in the life of your organization.

    Virtual Leadership Empowerment Courses

    Setting Up Your Nonprofit Organization

    Four (4) Courses, five (6) Videos .... a Lifetime of Knowledge

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    Our Introductory Course for starting a Nonprofit Organization (NPO) trains new Leaders in the essential components of starting an effective Nonprofit Organization. Learn from 20 years of experience how to sculpt your future and stabilize your NPO from the beginning. Virtual training that address

    • Understanding your Nonprofit Mission and Purpose
    • Creation of Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
    • Budgeting and how to get develop projections
    • How to develop an internal Grantsmanship Center for your NPO
    • Course Descriptions
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