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  • What is Catapult Academic Network?

    #RecessionProofEducation™ for Academic Propulsion

    In order to keep the Learner engaged we are working with smart tools that access and allow access through Internet via smart phones or chrome books. Curriculum, textbooks, lectures and testing are all available at no additional charge and may be accessed by Learners at any time. This technology allows monitoring and attendance at the touch of a button, while also gathering valuable feedback - during the instruction time. Nothing else for the learning organization to buy or supplement and it has been proven to increase retention of the lesson. You really have to see it for yourself.



    #RecessionProofEducationis a course series designed to enable graduates to navigate life and economic changes by embedding transferable skills that helps to #RecessionProof their personal achievements. This course is technology infused to minimize the ecological footprint, while maximizing Learner's engagement. Career & Technical courses must offer more than Job Preparedness, so Catapult has gone to another level in offering #RecessionProofEducation. Now that CTE is a part of the CA College & Career Indicator measurement, 'job preparedness' is simply not enough. #RecessionProofEducationservices are available to meet the unique needs of California.

    • School districts and 'Choice Schools' can contract our service and we will train their students to meet state performance indicator standards. We provide the staff and curriculum that complement your CTE goals without the burden of hiring more Educators. 
    • Rural and micro districts can access our services through a virtual hub that allows interaction with the students by a Workforce Development Specialist (virtually) while a General Educator facilitates the class.
    • Private individual classes can enable seniors or post-graduates who need assistance in launching their college or technical careers. We understand how vital transferable skills and study habits are, so we enhance these tools to enable students to navigate their college environment or career path. We empower these students by providing not just curriculum; but coaching and real-world skills and development - including financial literacy and entrepreneurial tools.
    • Adults who are currently in the workforce or returning to college (or vocational) are served through private classes that are designed to provide them curriculum that may not have been available in the past. This course of study is technology infused to enable career coaching and skill development . This includes intensified fiscal management and Entrepreneurial skills.

    Who We Serve

  • What We Do

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    Pre & Post Graduates

    12th - 16th Grades

    Individual Students That Seek Enhanced Skills

    Our Curriculum is not for all students, but designed for those who are not afraid to be exceptional in what they do.

    #RecessionProof Education - Adults

    Adults Learners Seeking Transferable Skills

    Adult Learners who want to intensify their career path with a want greater skill-set. Coaching that empowers success.

    Districts Contracting

    CTE Components

    District & Choice Schools: CTE for Compliance

    Mid-sized & Micro Districts or Schools who are accountable and fiscally wise, while equipping their students with tools for success.

  • Service Distribution

    Specializing In Innovation

    Pre & Post Graduates: 12th - 16th Grades

    Individual Students That Seek Enhanced Skills

    Catapult Academic Network (C.A.N.) caters to the parents / guardians who want to assure their graduate's success by augmenting their educational experience. Our classrooms are developed to enhance learning through innovative smart tools that engage the Learner and complement our curriculum. Classes are during the summer and the academic year.

    Adults Seeking #RecessionProofEducation

    Adults Learners Seeking Transferable Skills Curriculum

    Adult Learners can take advantage of the transferable skills curriculum and the entrepreneurial skills that were not available when they graduated. Classes are scheduled in early evening to accommodate work schedules and lifestyles.

    Districts Contracting CTE Components

    District & Choice Schools: CTE Compliance

    Catapult Academic Network (C.A.N.) helps LEAs & Choice schools meet their College & Career Indicator goals by providing cost effective modules that fit their budget. Schools save by contracting our service & eliminate additional costs for Workforce Curriculum and Educators.

    Rural & Micro Districts CTE Components

    Virtual CTE Components at Reduced Rates

    The cost of Career & Technical Education can be prohibitive to rural and micro districts; but Catapult Academic Network (C.A.N.) solves that problem through its Virtual Component at a fraction of the market costs for service.

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