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One great advantage of being a Non-Profit entity is that you are eligible to apply for many of the social program grants designed to resolve issues we live with everyday. Because you are eligible you can leverage this position to partner with those not eligible because they are For-Profit companies. It becomes a win-win situation for all participating: the 'For-Profit' earns its desired profits for the work they do; the Non-Profit earns its income from managing the program or project; while the community has its needs met through the programs themselves. What's not to like about this scenario?
In order to find collaborations, program funding for private or public grants, or simply attract those you wish to partner with – a Non-Profit must have a “Working Document”. This document uses a broad-brush to paint the picture for the desired program or project. It includes justification or ‘statement of need, target population, services to be provided and by who, and the approximate funding needed to launch.


This document is not a business plan nor an Outline, but a Program Narrative that contains enough information to understand the proposed project, who it is targeted to help, why it is needed and how much is necessary to implement it. Do you have a ‘Working Document”?

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