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Research Makes the Difference

Hello Everyone. Tuesday is one of best days of the week because it is NOT Monday. Over the past few weeks I have been working with an organization to develop a project for their community and discovered a cost-effective means of construction that may cut the cost of their project by 67%. This organization owns their land and now they want to construct a building to accommodate expanding their business; but the cost of construction is expensive and they don’t want to deplete their entire budget.


Doing a little research can really pay off, and it definitely did this time. We started working with an off-site vendor of ‘steel buildings’ – yes, I said steel – and this is turning into a win-win situation. My client had a rendering done of the proposed project (traditionally an additional cost) that gave specifications for building dimensions, capacity of seating and multi-use functionality. After discussing all of these features and approving the plans (did I mention they have not yet paid a dime!) they are now in the land compatibility stage where professionals come and evaluate the property to assure it meets all specifications that make this type of structure feasible. If this is a good physical location, they apply for permits according to local ordinances.


When all phases are completed, the entire project will be equivalent to a 30% ‘down-payment’ of a traditional construction … (i.e. no mortgage payments). So the same costs they would have paid for just the ‘down-payment’, they will have completed structure. Further research revealed that ‘Steel Buildings’ are everywhere and in fact, when they are completion you cannot tell the difference between the steel and non-steel structure.


For those of us in Earthquake Territory there was a natural concern – but it turns out that most studies say these structures do better than the traditional brick-n-mortar – and the insulation make them ideal for extreme temperatures. So if you are a non-profit organization looking to make your ‘building project’ feasible, you may want to do a little research into the feasibility of ‘steel buildings’. TCOR Consulting Corporation is here to bring you information that will help increase your capacity without draining your budget. Please let me know if your results.

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