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Focus Through Your Own Lens

· Greatness,Perspective,Actuate

It seems that life never stops revealing itself regardless of your age or status. Today I took one of those personality tests that I had not taken for more than 20 years. Since then I have had four career changes, two spouses and the birth of a pool of grandchildren - but it virtually said the exact same thing (with newer buzz words). Amazing, since the last one was taken I have been labeled arrogant, a know-it-all, self righteous and aggressive - each time re-examining myself in an attempt to become a better person. Now 20 years later it says the same thing - what a waste of time. Re-examining myself took away precious hours from achieving my dreams, it implanted the seed of doubt that held me bound and caused resentment and now I have come full circle. Perhaps we should listen less to the rhetoric of others and more to our own hearts. Each of us is who we were made to be - and our rough edges keep us sharp and able to cut through the challenges of life. In retrospect, I think I am now ok with arrogant, I’m comfortable with being a ‘know-it-all’, glad to be self righteous (so much better than evil) and I embarrass my own aggressiveness. If that is who I am, then I gladly step into the reality of self and indulge my maker. Good job God.

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