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Nonprofit Barrier to Entry

The New Technology Platform

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Technology & The Emerging / Micro Nonprofit

Nonprofit Organizations are strange animals, at best. Founded on the humanitarian platform of helping others; while operating in a sub-model of the For-Profit company. Regardless what our Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws might say, ours is an oxymoron: because we must reach more, while having less. Yes, there are funding options still available; but sources are drying up and changing character so quickly that the micro and emerging nonprofit organization can barely keep up. Many have turned their organizational structure to resemble a for-profit and operate within a slim margin of greyness. Short of turning into a hybrid company, we simply must learn to leverage assets or die on the vine.

Perhaps it’s the nature of our being – people, animals and environment are the primary focus for existence; so why does this inherently reduce the probability that we will maximize the use of technology? I am convinced that the more technology the nonprofit leverages, the narrower the margin of progressive income between the for-profit and nonprofit entity. For-Profits are suppose to make large sums of money and can use it as they see fit. Nonprofits are restricted to utilizing funding as designated by their funding agencies, contributors, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and federal mandates – no wonder we are struggling!

The good news is that help is available today … if you are willing to try something different. Technology, like the Internet, can be used to level the playing fields because the more it is used - the less it costs to use. Whether you are religious based or public benefit, reaching your target population is the key to success. The nature of our population generally is that they are economically challenged; so why not use technology to fill in the gaps? Livestreaming can be evolved into webinars, conferences can emerge as cost saving educational tools (if done by Internet media), and even counseling becomes inexpensive when free tools like Skype are utilized for service.

In a global society, there is no reason in this world of technology, that we cannot help our fellow human beings by simply hopping over the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean or maybe across the country. Like the Internet, technology is a tool that allows economic fairness – but you have to use it. Our HUB, at lends its voice to help meet the growing needs of our global society. What are you doing?

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