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It’s A New Day In the Neighborhood ...

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

· Success,Greatness,Invincibility

One of the challenges of becoming a mature adult is that your body and your mind no longer respond with the quickness they did in your youth. This can lead to negative reactions until you realize the great equalizer: WISDOM. Mature adults have learned to cut a corner without a diminishing return and to find alternatives that don’t change the intension nor the end result. The most important bit of wisdom that you have it to realize that all things happen for a reason and it is easier and quicker to make the adjustment and go on (particularly if changing it is not an option) than to stand and fight a hopeless battle. Simply put: Change is inevitable, adjust quickly so you do not loose ground. Invincibility simply means you are beyond reproach of despair, disappointment and depression when you have already made up your mind to win and do with with happiness. A little change can be a great motivator.

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