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Capacity Building for NonProfits

Not Just Hope - Empowerment

A key element in delivering Technical Assistance for ‘Capacity Building’ is the empowerment of the service provider staff to meet and exceed their objectives for client service. We must remember that organizations, companies, corporations and partnerships are nothing more than people helping meet the needs of other people. When the staff is empowered to give 110%, proficiencies skyrocket. By increasing proficiencies, you simultaneously increase their confidence and empower them to go further - and the cycle continues. This type of commitment is initiated with a higher level of understanding of the organizational mission, individual duties and their value in the overall process of service. In October 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 10.3% of all national private sector employment were in nonprofit organizations.

Social Safety Net Program costs for 2012[2] reached $ 798,640 million according to the US House of Representatives’ War on Poverty Report. TCOR Consulting Corporation believes that the tax dollars needed to fund such Initiatives can be maximized through increased non-profit proficiencies. If just 1% of those Non-Profit Programs that are granted monies to implement programs, reduced their waste by 10% (estimating that 15% of monies allocated go to non-profit service providers implementing federal public service programs) there could be a million dollars in taxpayer savings and the number of those served would increase 50%. When you start to multiply the number of non-profits that take advantage of technical assistance training – the possibilities are endless. What do you think?

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