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Bring Home the Love for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Tradition: Giving Love

Thanksgiving day is a day of tradition in the USA. A tradition of family and friends and sharing a meal together that binds us together year after year. Isn't it amazing how a tradition of food and foolishness can bind an entire group ... even if some don't care for others? But it is also glorious how the blood and relationship of family and friends can take you from the lowest point and provide no matter what the situation? With that said, think of the roles we play in this dance of tradition: in days past it has been the woman of the house that took on the challenge of Thanksgiving to feed and care for not just her household, but those of relatives, friends and plus ones. Today, there is a larger trend in-which both the male and female participate in the work and in the caring for those who enjoy the meal. Whatever the role, on this day of Thanks take the time to participate - not just show up. As nonprofits we lift those who need help on a continuous basis, but often fail to see the signs in those in our own circles. So this year bring the compassion from the nonprofit into the household for all to see. This means to say you love those around you before the next year or even the next traditional holiday. If someone is ill, lonely, down on their luck or just depressed - use this time to lift them and in doing so you lift yourself. May this day be love filled with laughter and cheer for all who are together and peace for everyone, regardless of their role or circumstance.

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