TCOR Consulting Corporation (a Public Charity) was created to enable Social Entrepreneurship through maximizing the resources of non-profit entities. Social Entrepreneurship is the attempt to draw upon business techniques to find solutions to social problems. In order to accomplish this, TCOR Consulting Corporation targets those non-profits that engage in activities that assist people to overcome circumstances beyond their control. The best way to impact the communities of need is to Empower Leaders that face the challenges of these communities - and that is what TCOR Consulting Corporation does. In addition, TCOR develops project and programs that directly challenge social ills so that people can live better in community.


    TCOR Consulting Corporation supplies resources and turn-key methodologies for resolving social challenges. We maximize resources and their benefits to enable cost-effective practical solutions that aid those in need; while reducing the burden for everyone. We Use:



    Not Just New Things; But New Ways


    Proven Techniques & Strategies


    Measurable Change - Purposed Activities



    Delivering Quality Since 2011

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  • What Do Local Experts Say:


    TERRENCE PAYNE, Economic Partner

    - TMM Enterprises Group, Inc.


    - Port of LA Small Business Development, DiversityXchange


    - SBA SoCA Director: SCORE

    “Robin... You were a primer in molding me into professional consulting. ... No matter what the design of TCOR will be at the end of the day; you, the business and all that you touch will be blessed abundantly. ... Helping, guiding and teaching has always been your sweet spot. "


    HELENA TITUS, Community Based Organization

    PowerGirl Ministries


    "I know Dr. Allen to be of the highest integrity and a dedicated economic development partner ... Because of her heart for the general welfare of all people, Robin has dedicated her considerable administrative skills to helping the community and especially those underserved. ... She has consistently met her intended outcomes and assisted in the development of the leadership skills of others while doing so.”


    KIM ANTHONY-MORROW, Economic Partner

    Urban Philanthropy Institute


    The Urban Excellence Organization has contracted with Dr. Allen on a plethora of projects, programs and events that were focused on outreach to those who need assistance in the business arena. Additionally, Dr. Allen has been contracted to deliver workshops, seminars and trainings to our clients on topics of financial literacy, business and economic or business development and through such teaching has had immeasurable positive impact on the communities that she’s touched."

    Nonprofit: Religious Benefit


    Healthcare Advocate / Chaplain

    "Robin Allen’s greatest attribute is being a friend and an encouragement to others as she walks the path of life with them.  Always willing to give her best without expectations, but rather because of her own personal code of ethics toward humankind.  Whether in a church, a classroom or simply as another human being, Dr. Robin Allen will not cease to be a point of inspiration and encouragement to those lives she touches along the way. "

  • The Founding Visionary

    Dr. Robbie

    Chief Creative Officer

    Dr. Robbie comes to the Non-Profit market to fulfill of her personal mission of empowering people. T.C.O.R. Corporation delivers training, education and program development to meet social needs.

    Each One: Teach One

    & We ALL Win.




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